Sunday, August 17, 2008

End of Summer Giant Post

Sorry I haven't posted yet this summer but i am going to make it up with one awesome post at the end of the summer.

As you can see in the header High Fidelity has been moved from the brutally early time of 10am on Saturdays to the awesome time slot 4-6PM Thursday. Yeah!

As for music and what not:
  1. Girl Talk is unbelievable. For me, it's the album of the summer. Whether I am driving to the beach in Santa Cruz or just kicking it old school, Girl Talk has been the perfect soundtrack.
  2. Radiohead live is breath taking. Seriously unbelievable show, from the crazy light display to the unbelievable virtuosity and creativity of the musicians. I am seeing them again this Friday and would suggest you see them if you get the chance. (Also, I was twenty feet from Jonny Greenwood in a crowd of seventy thousand. Awesome)
  3. As for other shows, Modest Mouse was once again disappointing live but the National and REM were very good. Death Cab was a fantastic show. How did I not like this band at one point? Seriously. Wolf Parade may have been the second best show I saw this summer. Great energy and the songs really hold up live.
  4. The Glow in the Dark Tour was really weird. First, Lupe was the first opening act. What?!!? Possibly the best hip-hop artists right now (Lil Wayne is great, but is more like listening to awesome gangsta stream of conscious rants) and he is opening? I get it logically with other bands who are on the pop charts, but still I was a little bothered. NERD and Rihana were both good and got the crowd ready for the main event....Kanye West talking to a TV screen! Its kinda like watching a one man play with terrible acting interspersed with bangin tunes. Why would such a dynamic artist ignore a sold-out stadium for an 1h and 30m in a 1h and 40m show?
  5. I bought a ticket to download festival for 10$. I got ripped off. When you fit a bill with indie bands used to playing small venues and put them on a stage that is used for John Mayer and Pearl Jam shows you are going to have a problem. None of the bands could play to such a large crowd. and Brand New was absolutely terrible.
  6. Movies. Pineapple Express: Mediocre. Tropic Thunder: Hilarious, like see it multiple times hilarious. The Dark Knight: Magical ("What a great sly reference Garrett" "Why thank you").
And that's it for now. Can't wait to see all the Boston folk in 10 days. Have a great end of summer and as always, Keep It Real.