Monday, May 4, 2009

Top 5 Albums to Study to

So this week is finals week. Lame times. So, to procrastinate, I thought about my favorite albums to study to. This is my top 5:

5. Funeral- Arcade Fire
One of my favorite albums period. Great study music and Wake Up can renew your soul after its been crushed by your organic chem test.

4. The Earth is Not a Cold Dead Place- Explosions in the Sky
Instrumental music= Good to study to. Not as heavy as "Those Who Tell The Truth..." nice and mellow with great buildups. Especially Six Days at The Bottom of The Ocean

3. Kid A- Radiohead
First, I didn't just put this here because I love Radiohead. It's just that this album is great to put on in the background while you read monotonous text books. And who doesn't want to know How to Disappear Completely when your about to take a test! (I apologize, that was a terrible joke)

2. Takk...- Sigur Ros
Really any Sigur Ros will do. But Takk... is a little less reverby, more triumphant and just as hypnotizing as Agaetis Byrjun. Zach properly described their live show as being immersed in a warm blanket. The album might not be as warm blanketty but its close. Especially Glósóli

1. Kind of Blue - Miles Davis
The classic. One of the greatest jazz albums ever made. Anytime I have a paper to write or a test to study for this is what I put on first. So What

Ok. Tell me why I'm wrong. Good luck to anyone who has tests in the next few days/weeks.


akshay said...

I will make the argument for dredg (any album) and for Ratatat and Nine Inch Nails' Ghosts albums. But I agree, instrumental music is where it's at.

mellows said...

Funny that you said that The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place is good for studying. I just finished a blog post in which I said that I couldn't study with the album because it's just so captivating. But I definitely agree with Sigur Ros and Radiohead.

mellows said...

Agreed. Ghosts is brilliant and undemanding enough to study to, while being very ineteresting when really given some attention.