Wednesday, June 3, 2009

She said you ain't got no defense!: A Post About Hip-Hop

  • Mos Def's new album The Ecstatic is out new week on the 9th. Mos Def is a fantastic MC, listen to Black on Both Sides. On one track from the new album, Mos works with Talib Kwelli (Black Star!!) on a track produced by the late J-Dilla. Check "History" here.
  • Wale has released a video for his track "Chillin" featurign Lady Gaga. And part of it was shot in Boston. Bodega is in it. Check it out.
  • Just a thought: Has anyone else noticed the lack of hip-hop on the Lollapalooza lineup. Beastie Boys, Snoop, Asher Roth, The Knux and Kid Cudi are all the initial lineup offers in terms of hip-hop. Hopefully the next round of additions has more hip-hop. Maybe a certain Chicago based group that is going to release an album in the next few months....
  • Speaking of the Cool Kids, no news on when they are actually gonna drop their new album but "A Little Bit Cooler" was used in the best of the awesome series of Lebron vs. Kobe puppet commercials. Watch this:

"She said you ain't got no defense!"

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